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The Tactile Adventurer announces our Winter Warmer Competition!
Winner takes 1000 GC plus an optional massage by Jaccomo, additional prizes awarded to the Editors' top picks.
To enter: Send us submission, be it a story, a picture, a poem, a report, or anything that will warm our readers during the cold season. Entries will be published in issue 11, and the winner announces in the same.
Deadline for submissions 2nd December.

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Rothaid Royce, Chief Justiciar announces the adventurer Simon of Valsinglas has been found guilty of numerous crimes, chief among them Treason against the Dream, and sentenced to death by execution. Justice will be carried out this evening.
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Kuchek announces New talismans available in the new year. Watch this site for more news soon!!! Be the envy of your friends to get the first ones
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They're very nice, I saw one.
Leonard Hatred

Elias Kincade Hawksmoor. Sorcerer asks May I ask what is involved with a Bohort Melee? Is it a public holiday that I need to know what traditionally I am required to do?

Being from Hareks Gil means I am still catching up with your traditions. I have asked another adventurer who only replied with laughter. I'm so confused right now.

Many thanks

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It is a form of chivalric tournament, some of the most honourable combatants across evermore will gather together to show off their skills. Should you know of any weapon masters, wielder of chivalric weapons, members of knightly orders of the realm or honourable warriors then you should let them know to prepare.

They are normally big events with plenty of festivities and stalls surrounding the tournament grounds and I believe the last Bohort Melee was attended by Their Majesties and the winner was appointed the Queen's champion.

The specifics of this one will probably be released closer to the time, but let your your friends know to come with their armour, weapons and heraldry.

Be sure to pass by our stall while you are there where we will be selling our usual great quality arms and armour as well as offering last minute repairs!

Newton Smith
Smith & Mkoll's Arms and Armour
Newton Smith of Smith & Mkoll's Arms & Armour

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Kuchek announces Need protection from demons the undead and were creatures then look no further
For I Kuchek have new charms to protect you from them !!

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Elidore Vorronwè Gemheart announces Gemheart and Gemheart stone masons and carvers are open for business. Do you require a statue to commemorate those herioc moments. Sick of masonry not behaving and letting in draughts?

We are available for emergency repairs too.

Competitive rates available

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Viscount Yarrow Flutterspark, ambassador to the Mortal realms announces the official end to the war in the fairy realm with the successful negotiations between the Court of the Coin and the Court of the Storm.
Queen Bebo has been reinstated as ruling monarch of the Fairy realm.

The following proclamations were then announced:
Interference on the mortal realm by the fairy realm is to be severely reduced, the Crown and Courts will offer no protection and claim no responsibility for the actions of any denizen of the fairy realm interfering with the mortal realm.
The queen also wishes to put the happenings of her absence behind her, henceforth all acts committed during the war have been forgiven.

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Nero reveals Self Sword for sale.

Never swung in combat and only dropped once.

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Dean Winchester House of Usher announces Have you or your loved one’s been affected by the Supernatural Forces of Avmar?
Are you tired of being hounded by your Undead Uncle and wished he would just finally go in peace?

Is your village being terrorised by Creatures of the foulest nature you don’t know of where to turn?

We specialise in dealing with all things Supernatural and beyond, Our Dedicated Agents can rid you of those unnatural woes.
So don’t delay, contact us today for a swift and discreet monster extermination and irradiation service.

We accept blesses weapons or raw materials as payment for our services and will negotiate with those of limited means to see the mutual destruction of these creatures.
For more information contact:
Dean or Sam Winchester by registered comms devices.

Please note that we will not respond to messages by Demonic Entities.
“Saving people, hunting things the Family Business.”

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Beff announces Cum Getz yer luverly perfum from beffs glam shop. Coz yer werf it !
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Beff announces Cum Getz yer luverly perfum from beffs glam shop. Coz yer werf it !
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Guy the Bard announces that, during my time outside the Dream, I appear to have lost track of a certain pair of boots. If the current wearer could make themselves known to me by the traditional day for exchange of winter gifts, I would be most grateful. If not, I would be less grateful.
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Someone is feeling very brave. Tick tock goes the curse song clock…

Samuel Rawley, Chaplain of the Blade asks Can a member of the organisation known as "The Wheel" contact me at the earliest convenience please. Many thanks.
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Wasn’t The Wheel just a money-laundering front for Sunlight and his criminal activities? Lugh Logistics, Apollo Security, the mining company, the fraudulent road-building project and that whole business of trying to exploit the isolated Mountain Dwarves?

I have asked around for some support for the logistics etc when dealing with these sudden appearances of disease outbreaks. I was informed that "The Wheel" was created during the swollen ford epidemic specifically to provide support for this. Thank you for that information as I cannot in any good conscience align myself with any organisation that is accused of such impropriety.

Should anyone wish to help those willing to deal with these outbreaks then please send me a message at your earliest convenience.
Samuel Rawley, Chaplain of the Blade

Serendipity, Guardian Angel of Evermore asks could someone from the Guardians’ Guild please make themselves known to me; I’d like to learn more about who you are and what you do. Thank you kindly
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Anander Locke asks is there anyone in the Alliance capable of reforging a Starfire silver spear? I have a damaged one that needs repair that's understandably immune to mortal magicks.
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Kucheck announces Want to feel lucky punk? Charm the gents or ladies? New in stock luck potions and charm potions Available soon to all
You adventurers

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Sir Althalus Greenshadow, Justicar of Anisfarle announces People of Anisfarle, let it be known -

All of the King's people are to be protected and held accountable equally.

It is clear that the use of automatons as part of the workforce is a divisive issue, with strong opinion on both sides.

Resorting to violence over such matters however will not be tolerated.

As such, until further investigation is concluded into the so-named 'automated workforce' no further actions are to be taken against any person or property therof, using such means to work the lands of Anisfarle.

To be clear: Any person found to be organising or taking part in unlawful violence towards the King's people - be it direct or via sabotage, arson etc - will be tried to the fullest extent of the King's law.
Any person harbouring such individuals or groups will be treated similarly.

Rest assured that this matter will be impartially investigated and justice served in turn.

- Sir Althalus Greenshadow, Justicar of Anisfarle -

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